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Halloween Parties

Our students are so excited about Halloween! We will celebrate Halloween on Friday, October 31.  Students should bring their costumes to school and will have time to change in the afternoon.  Students will not have time for extravagant costume changes or make-up.   They should be able to put on the components of their costume independently.  Also, please no violent or gory costumes or props.  Our students will have the opportunity to parade around the school and will enjoy seeing other students’ costumes. 


Only parents who signed up to attend the party through the PTA form will be allowed to attend the party. We ask that these enter near the office, sign in, and proceed to the cafeteria until party time!  Parents who are helping at the party will need to bring their photo ID and arrive at 1:15 pm. 


  In response to recent Ebola Virus concerns nationwide, we have attached a link below from the Portage County Board of Health that gives detailed information regarding the transmission, signs and symptoms, risk of exposure, treatment, and prevention of the virus.
In the event that any concerns regarding this virus arise in the future in Portage County, our district officials would work closely with the Portage County Health Department and area-wide health departments to determine further courses of action. If you have any specific questions regarding the ebola virus, please contact the Portage County Health Department at 330-296-9919 or

Portage County Health Department Eboal Virus Public Information Letter
Portage County Health Department Ebola Information Flyer

A Message for parents about Ebola


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Notice to Parents

Notice to Parents from Federal Court about the Opportunity to Object to the Release of Educational Data

Court Ruling Documents

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