Principal's Message

August 30, 2015


Dear Campus Families,

        Over the course of the next few weeks of school your children will be assessed in STAR Reading and STAR Math. STAR is an online individually adaptive tool that provides our teachers with information on your child’s current reading and math skills. The information we gather through this assessment helps us better understand each child’s strengths and needs so teachers can adjust their instruction accordingly. All students are benchmarked in both programs three times over the school year, in the fall, winter and spring. The winter and spring tests in STAR are used to ensure that each child is progressing appropriately.

        STAR Reading data is of particular importance for Campus students. As I am sure you know Ohio students are subject to the Third Grade Reading Guarantee. This law requires that students pass the third grade state reading test at or above a designated cut score in order to progress to fourth grade. Research has shown that students who are behind in reading at the end of their third grade year are likely to have trouble learning in all classroom subjects in higher grades. Families will be notified of their child’s score on the fall reading benchmarking and will recieve a letter informing them if their child is considered ‘on track’ or ‘off track’ within the first two weeks of October. Students identified as ‘off track’ will have a written reading improvement plan, called a RIMP, put in place to help improve their reading skills. If your child is placed on a RIMP you will have an opportunity to review the plan with your child’s teacher as well as provide input and feedback on the plan.

        More information will be provided to you once all benchmarking is complete. You will have an opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher during conferences and there will be a school meeting for all parents of students identified as ‘not on track’ to help you better understand the Guarantee and the steps the school will be taking to help your child. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding STAR Reading, STAR Math or the Third Grade Reading Guarantee please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or me.


Ms. Kristen Cottrell 
330-626-4900 ext 3800